Going through the motions....STRESS AND ANXIETY

Hello again!

Another subject that people don't like to talk about is ANXIETY AND STRESS. Many people experience it yet, so few people know how to handle it. For me, I still deal with it, and am coping.


I can't sit here and say that on a day to day basis I don't experience stress and anxiety, because, that would be a lie and that's just not something I am here to do. My day to day life never stops, literally. No, I'm not complaining because I am blessed to not only be where I am, but to be a wife and a mother.  I take none of that for granted. But raising children, being a wife and still finding time for yourself is something that is easier said than done. If you aren't going through it, you will never know how someone feels, which can be said for a lot that we got through. One thing that I have learned to do in the middle of raising my children is take a second and breathe. I know it sounds so simple, but you'd be surprised at just how many people do not know how to breathe. It wasn't until I started to practice Yoga that I realized how important it was to focus on your breathing. The act of simply taking in a deep cleansing breath, exhaling and  releasing whatever it is that is stressing you out or causing you to be anxious; mind-blowing.  Needless to say I do A LOT of breathing. Dealing with a opinionated 7 year old, an indecisive 2 year old and a newborn is enough to drive anyone crazy. But with just one deep breath, I seem to find a way to deal with it all; gather my thoughts and move forward. When you're helping with homework, rocking your 3 month old to sleep while the 2 year old is running around screaming, just breathe. Then later on you laugh! LOL! I think of how far I have come as person and how blessed I am to be in this moment, and a state of calm comes over my body, and suddenly, I'm dancing on clouds again.

Some tips I could give anyone who is dealing with stress is to first ask yourself is it worth sourcing so much energy into? Will stressing or becoming anxious solve the issue? Is it out of my control? I don't care what anyone says there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself! I DO THIS ALOT!

I found that once I changed my eating, started to exercise and practice yoga, I'm having less and less of those panic attack moments and seeing red moments and I'm a better person for it.

I hope this helps someone and no matter the severity of your stress or anxiety, please talk to someone! There is nothing worse than going through something and holding it in! 

Thank you for taking a few moments with me! Until next time...

May Peace. Find You. Always XOXO

Potato Cleanse?

Hello loves! 

I am back again with yet another blog and life update! 


Some of you may be thinking, what the heck is a potato cleanse? Some may know exactly what I am referring to. No matter the case I am going to tell you about my experience on the potato cleanse, diet also known as the potato reset. 

So the week of December 11, 2017 I embarked on a 7 day potato reset. What this consisted of was the majority of meals came from potatoes. This is an oil free, plant-based way of eating. You can also have non-starchy vegetables. Limited salt and limited sugar. 

Eating this way was truly a test for me because I am so used to eating a variety of foods. I had already cut out eating oil about a week after giving birth because I wanted to get healthy and also of course lose the baby weight. After learning that oil no matter if it's olive, vegetable or coconut it is straight fat, and why eat fat if you're trying to get rid of it. But not being able to eat fruit was very difficult for me. My favorite meal was either potato omelette or cut up potatoes crisped on the George foreman grill. Just for a couple examples. I can go into detail if you guys would like me to, but I don't want to make this post too lengthy. Now I know this doesn't sound fun but let me tell you, watching those inches fall off my waist and watching the numbers on the scale decrease rapidly was fun. I felt good, I felt lighter and had lots of energy, sort of like I felt when I first went vegan. Now after several days, I did begin to get tired of potatoes but I set out to do this challenge so I was going to complete it. 


In total I lost 4 inches off my waist and a little over 10 pounds. Which is awesome! What I learned from this cleanse is that potatoes are completely sustainable and It did make me appreciate all the different types of food that you can eat on a plant based diet. This is not including the processed foods. I am talking about WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED EATING. I am about a week in to going back to my regular eating and I don't feel as good. I am going to be honest, I have been eating some processed vegan food and I can tell the difference. BLAH. I need to get my life together. I can physically feel i'm eating like crap and it's coming out in my skin. So even though I started off well, I've quickly spiraled down. I haven't taken any measurements because I don't want to face reality LOL!! I'll get there though I just wanted to enjoy myself for a couple days.  

Overall, I would say if you're struggling with weight loss or feeling like you need to change your eating, I would definitely recommend the potato diet. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Stay in touch with me on all my social media and I'll catch up with you on the next one!!



Pregnancy- Veg vs Non-Veg




Hello all, 

It's been a long time coming but we are finally here....POST-PARTUM! I have been waiting 39 weeks for this moment! LOL! I cannot believe I am a mom of 3 young men. What ride this is going to be. Most frequently asked question is: "How are you feeling?" The 1 million dollar answer is...TIRED. I am definitely still adjusting but I feel like I am doing well, if I do say so myself. 


The reason I wanted to sit down and write this post is to update you all on the differences I experienced being vegan while pregnant versus not being vegan with my previous children. There was a dramatic difference between this pregnancy and the others. Starting from the beginning, I did still experience morning sickness, that unfortunately did not change. What did change was my level of energy during the majority of my pregnancy and the negative side effects. I had so much more energy during the pregnancy than the others its amazing. I was able to keep up with my super energized 7 year old AND my rambunctious 2 year old. The next difference was the fact that I did not have to deal with gestational diabetes this time around. What a relief! I nearly jumped for joy when the nurse called me with the results. I didn't have the severe edema that I usually have to deal with and up until the last few weeks I didn't have much change as far as skin either. I honestly felt good. As with all pregnancies once you near the end you start to get miserable ad uncomfortable, that aspect was the same but overall this pregnancy was much better than the last two. I am so glad that 2 years ago I decided to go vegan making this journey so much more manageable for myself and my baby. 

The last thing that I've noticed that has been drastically different is my healing time. After the last 2 deliveries I struggled with healing and extreme pain. I am pretty sure I can attribute that to God of course but also my diet and lifestyle. I was up and around  on the same day that I delivered. (For those who don't know I have had cesarean deliveries for all my births.) I am so relieved and thankful for not having the excruciating pain that I normally have. 

Now it's time to adjust to life with 3 boys. I've heard its lots of fun, not sure if people were being sarcastic or really telling the truth. We shall soon find out. 

Until next time, kisses and hugs! XOXO


Life Update-Pregnancy and Hair!

Hello All!


The last time we spoke I was telling you all about how we are expecting another child! Now, the countdown begins. I only have 7 weeks and 1 day until we get to meet our precious new baby! We are welcoming them with open arms and hope they can handle the crazy family they will be born into!

This last trimester has been harder on me than others but I am super excited to announce that this is the first pregnancy that I do not have to deal with gestational diabetes! What a relief?! Avoiding temptations when it comes to eating is not something I have been shying away from, I will be honest! So even though I do follow a plant based diet, I still had my worries! I am right on target with my weight and baby is growing normally; so despite the few pains I have here and there, things are going great!

What else is going on in my life? Well, I am taking a break from school right now, I do plan to continue classes after delivery. But running form work to campus and keeping up with a 7 year old and a 2 year old was taking a toll on this mama! But, I still have the motivation to achieve my goals, that is still the plan, just may take a little longer that I had planned. The second change I've made since we last spoke is I cut my hair! You read that right, I cut my hair. I've been asked what made me do it, well it was a combination of wanting to do a 2nd big chop and wanting a change. I loved my long hair but it had no life to it. I wanted something different. I will post some pictures so you guys can see the changes I've made. Needless to say I am happy with the results and can't wait to play in my hair! LOL!

Other than that I have been living my life. Some would say I've been nesting; every chance I get I'm throwing something out to make room for the new baby. Who knew 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog could accumulate so much stuff?! But we have. Things are coming together and I am looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead, being a mommy of 3! OMGEEE!


Once again, thank you guys for taking the time to let me share my life with you!


May Peace Find You Always! XOXO!



What's it worth?

Happy Friday everyone! I missed you all last week and apologize for not posting last week. But lets just back in!

What is it worth? What do I mean? What is your mental health and sanity worth? In my opinion, priceless. There isn't one person or any amount of money that is worth giving up your mental stability. Too many times have we, and I am guilty of this myself, let other people have influence over things we do and our opinions on different things that happen in our lives. It doesn't mean you're weak, it just happens. In the last few months I have done a lot of thinking, meditating and seeking to find what I, Amber, wants in life and out of life. So often our mind and judgement is so clouded with the influence of others, we forget about ourselves. Coming to this realization sometimes comes at a cost, relationships and friendships are some of the things I have had to let go of, in order to keep my mental health stable. We have so many things we can achieve and aspire to do that time should not be wasted on people and things that mean us no good. Sometimes you have to hit that "DELETE" button and not feel guilty about doing it. What good are you to others if you yourself are tapped out? This is the truth I am living in right now. I can no longer surround myself with things and people who do not benefit me. Benefit? Yes, benefit. Are they motivating you to move forward? To reach your goals? Are they supporting you? Even if you are thriving more than they are? Will they lend you an ear if you just need to vent? If the answer to any of these questions is no, or you find that you do all these things and there is no reciprocation, it's time to re-evaluate, and quickly. I will no longer compromise my mental health or sanity to make someone else comfortable. It. Is. Not. Worth. It. Clean out your closet, close the circle and move forward. You will thank yourself! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. As always May Peace. Find You. Always. 





Self-hate. I literally don't know where to begin with this one, so lets just dive right into it. As a child I can never remember myself being truly happy. Now when I say child I'm talking Elementary age and forward. I encountered bullying at a very young age, I'm talking kicking, pushing, pulling my hair, pinching, all of it. As the years progressed. I wasn't physically bullied but I was mentally bullied called ugly, black, fat by both girls and boys. The mental bullying turned quickly into not only others not liking me but me not liking me. Self-hate. I would cry in the mirror looking at myself I would hit myself and pinch angrily at the parts of my body I didn't like. From there, I developed an eating disorder. That lasted about a year. I would hide food from my parent's and find ways to get out of eating, by lying. As the weight quickly began to drop off I got a boost of confidence. False boost. By the time I completed high school I still felt awkward as ever, not really a lot of friends, didn't really feel confident being in people's faces. I don't really remember when in my life that my feelings of my self started to fade, as far as not liking myself, but as I became an adult, I didn't really care as much. I didn't get the mean words and abuse that I had encountered in school. So at this point, I could honestly say, I was okay. So fast forwarding through life 9 years, I'd had a baby, of course put on more weight and I'm right back where I was before. But this time it was different. I didn't have time to think those thoughts anymore, I had a child to take care of and he needs his mommy, no time for self pity or hate. It's time to be a woman! So what did I do? I cut my hair off and freed myself! It was a that moment that I FINALLY felt happy about me! I felt like a woman! I was comfortable in the skin I was in! I couldn't believe this was happening! Cutting my hair off was much more than "going natural" It was THE moment! I felt beautiful! Who know letting go of that could make you love yourself? Not only that but to be inspired to help other's find their own beautiful so they won't have to go through the mind battles I encountered. If I can help them get through it, that would be one of my greatest successes. So now, almost 30 I am feeling the best I've ever felt. I'm loving life, I have an amazing husband, I have a beautiful family and I am BLESSED beyond measure! It's weird to say but I'm thankful for those dark moments in my life! It made Amber who she is today! I hope this helps someone! If you are going through this, been through this or know someone who is, please help them! Silence is the soul's loudest cry!


May Peace Find You Always! XOXO

Happy New Year!

After a busy holiday season and much anticipation for 2017, I am excited to be back to blogging! I am so thankful for being able to see another year and I am looking forward to what is going to happen this year!


Moving forward! So to kick off the new year I want to discuss some popular topics! One being my wash routine and the second being my hair type! For my wash routine, I try to keep a regimen of every week, but life sometimes gets in the way of that! I start off by sectioning my hair into 4 sections, then I use my fingers to detangle to get out the big tangles and knots and then I follow up with spraying down each section with a mixture of aloe vera juice and water. I use a wide toothed comb to detangle my hair, it makes it so much easier for my thick hair than using a brush. After I detangle each section I put it back into the four individual sections and head to the shower. For products, it really depends on what I am in the mood for. Lately I have been sticking to shampoos, my hair has not been responding well to cowashing so I stopped doing this a few months ago. So on my most previous wash day this past weekend I used the Trader Joes Tea Tree shampoo on each section. After washing and rinsing each section, I then applied the Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter conditioner, applied my plastic shower cap and showered. After that, I rinsed out the conditioner and was pleased at the butter-like texture that was my strands. Afterwashing and conditioning I usually keep my hair in the same four sections and either braid or twist each section for stretching. My hair styles are so much better when it's stretched. After my hair is 80 % dry, I will style my hair. For this particular wash day I did a flexi rod set using just coconut oil and the argan oil ecostyler gel. I was very please with my results. I have inserted a picture along with my flower crown!

Lastly, hair typing, after almost 3 years of being natural I have finally determined I have type 4B hair. Which is odd because I just knew for sure I had 4C hair for the bulk of my journey but we learn new things every day right?

Thank you guys so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below!


May Peace Find You Always! XOXO



Hello Friends!


I am back again with another blog post! I am so sorry I skipped a week but as you all know when the holidays come around, there is little time for anything. But time management is one of my things I'm working on so I will get better! Anyway, the reason your here is not for that but because about 2 weeks ago, I CUT MY HAIR! Can you believe it?! I actually did it! I know you're like what?! No way! Okay, okay, I didn't cut it in a sense of a style, but, I got my ends trimmed! This was still a stand still an accomplishment for me! I haven't had scissors in my hair for over a year! I was loooooong overdue for a trim and it showed! Once you get along in your hair journey you will start to get to know your hair and you can literally feel that you need a trim before it shows in your hair styles. My ends as well as the rest of the shaft was not happy with me and I apologize sincerely for neglecting them. It wasn't that I didn't want to but it was the issue that I brought up a my previous post about people being scissor happy and wanting my hair to be flat ironed in order to trim my ends. But now that I got those dead scraggly ends off my hair can flourish! I can tell when I am detangling that my hair is happy with me again! My regimen was SUPPOSED to be every 6 months, but that didn't happen. Needless to say I got it done and I am encouraging you all out there to take care of your ends please ladies and gentlemen!! Please feel free to share in the comments and let me know what your regimen is for trimming your hair, or do you even trim at all! Talk to you soon! May Peace Find You Always! XOXO

November 30, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post! I promise to not leave you guys for that long again. Things have been SO busy in my life that I definitely need to find a balance. I'm working on it, but not moving quickly enough! Anyway, what prompted this post is to update you guys on some things I've been working on with myself. The first thing I've been trying to get better at is time management. Often times, and I'll speak from a woman's point of view, we try to do everything ALL at once. I mean everything! What ends up happening? Everything is not done to it's full potential, which leaves a crazy person running around, waving their arms, for no reason. So I've started to make checklists for myself, granted it's not written down BUT, it is in my head, I just have to transfer it to paper. I think of all the things I have to do for that day and make an effort to get them done, if I don't get to it, well, it has to wait until the next day . This has helped reduce stress and eliminate the moments where I'm trying to feed one child, bathe the other, let the dog out and wash dishes all at the same time. Crazy right? I know. The next thing I've been working on is my eating habits and exercise regimen, this is actually something you can start outside of the first of the year! LOL! I work out usually 3-5 times a week, including Yoga, which is a MUST for me. Anyway, my eating habits have not been all that great. Yes being a Vegan you can eat like crap too. It is possible. So I have improved my diet, eating more whole fruits and vegetables, eliminating processed foods as I go. I still don't deprive myself because I think that's totally unreasonable but, I make sure it's not a daily habit. Exercising consists of cardio at least 3 days a week, strength 1 day, abs 1 day and then my weekly Yoga practice. So far so good and I feel great! Lastly, what I've been slacking on has been my hair! Yikes! I know it sounds bad, like how are you going to have a blog about hair not fully take care of your own, not intentional I can assure you. I still wash and deep condition on the regular, its the trimming that I slack on. But in my defense, it's not my fault! You know how many people do hair in Columbus, Ohio but don't cut natural hair? I was amazed. I can find anyone to braid my hair, color and straighten. But for a trim, I've narrowed it down to like 2 people, excluding the ones that require it to be silky straight to trim. Nothing against straight natural hair, I just don't prefer it. I will blow my hair out, but I'm not at the point in my natural hair journey where I'm ready for my hair to be straight. So those are my 3 things I've been working on. What are some things you are working on to improve about yourself or making your life easier? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading and as always May Peace Find You Always! XOXO