On this page I will be sharing things like, but limited to, my health and wellness journey. This will include pictures of food, fitness progress and testimonials


What I Eat In A Day 1

This delicious bowl of oats topped with fruit, oats and blackberries is just a glimpse of the delicious food I eat as a Vegan. I have been Vegan for one year as of October 31, 2016. I changed my lifestyle after having trying diets, cleanses, calorie counting and even being vegetarian. But being Vegan isn't just about the food. It is, as I mentioned above a lifestyle. It's literally WHAT I DO. I am have since I was younger had a love hate relationship with food and now I AM A LOVER of all things GOOD for me.


What I Eat In A Day 2

Ahhh Smoothie bowls how I love you so! I am a sucker for nice cream! Making these delicious smoothie bowls is sometimes torture because although it doesn't take long to make, I still CANNOT wait to eat it. There is something about ripe bananas and that crunchy granola that meshes so well and I can't get enough of it. Pictured here is some nice cream topped with fresh bananas, my favorite granola and chia seeds.


What I Eat In A Day 3

So pictured here is my favorite fruits minus apples because I LOVE a nice, juicy, sweet apple. Anyways, instead of eating something unhealthy and not at all good for you, cut up some fresh fruit and have at it. This helps with my sweet cravings that I often get. I don't believe in depriving myself of things, that is where diets and I never got along. I feel like it was always about what I couldn't have. Instead, just replace it with something delicious and good for you. Sweet and simple!

New Recipe!

I can honestly say I am not a chef my any means but I do follow instructions very well! This is my rendition of a chick pea stew with a side of rice that I found on Pinterest. I did not have the tomatoes it called for but it was still delicious and packed with protein!

Pictured below are other meals I've prepared. All equally delicious!