On this page I will be sharing things such as, but not limited to, pictures of my hair journey, my friends and family, as well as a variety of picture tutorials.


The Big Chop

After transition for 8 months prior, March 1st 2014 is where my natural hair journey began! This was the day that I will always remember. Little does anyone know my first reaction was one of sadness. I hated my hair when I walked out of that shop, flipped down my sun visor and saw my hair! What on earth did I do?! I was going to be in a video just hours later! So after the initial shock and panic ceased, I went to the nearest beauty supply store and bought some hair accessories . My next move was to go home, wet my hair and see if I could make something out of this hair. All of sudden I went from shock to love in a matter of hours. Its crazy how one hair accessory will change your whole life, a joke but I'm so serious.


Year One!

March 1st 2015 was a double celebration! Not only was I celebrating one year of my natural hair growth but in just six short months we were expecting our second child. I can definitely contribute most of the hair growth to being pregnant but either way, I was at this point, in LOVE with my hair. I began doing lots of different styles and learned so much about my hair in just that year. I was even more excited about the growth to come.


Year Two!

So I can definitely say that year two my favorite year! As you can tell by the picture on the right my hair has THRIVED! I love my hair and I feel like my natural hair gives me so much character. People often ask me if and when I'll straighten my hair. Yes, I've thought about it, especially when I have those frustrating moments when my hair and I literally have it out. But, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE BIG HAIR. At this stage in my life, I know exactly what my hair likes and I try to stick with that regimen. Not to say I don't try new products but there is nothing like your old faithfuls.

Twist and Curl! This style was created from using Doo Gro Jamaican Black Castor Oil Co-wash, Coconut oil, Shea Moisture JBCO leave- in and Eco-Styler Argan Oil gel.

Go-to Protective style # 1- 2 flat twists Definitely quick and easy!

Go-to Protective Style # 2 Mini-twists! This style is time consuming but many styles can be made from mini twists. You can wear them down, do an up-do or his particular evening I wore them in a bun! 

When it comes to your natural hair, the possibilities are endless...but here's a few!