What is beauty to you?

When I looked at the definition of beauty. All I found were words to describe the exterior of a person, place or thing. Which is typical an totally aligns with what society believes is beautiful. What THEY can see.

When I scroll through my social media I look at trends. What gets the most likes are the perfect face, perfect hair and perfect bodies. This is not news to anyone. We all know this. As I mature and go through my journey and my transitions I am realizing that trying to check off all the boxes of what will get me the most likes and the most comments is absolutely exhausting and I no longer can do it. I don't have the time or the energy to keep up with society and how they think a woman should look or be portrayed to the world.

Pic 3.jpg


I have began to open my ears and close my eyes. (not literally) but, stay with me. As I have began to not look at the appearance of others and focus more on what is coming out of their mouths, it completely changes the person, from my perspective. We move so fast as a society that we often forget to listen to people. We miss so much because we are so quick to say "Just text me!" and not stop JUST FOR A MOMENT. To be able listen to what someone has to say, you can connect with them in ways you wouldn't even imagine. I am daring you to try it.

So, as someone who has been natural for 4 years; 5 years no relaxer I have learned to embrace my natural hair and I find it absolutely beautiful. But in that process, I didn't embrace MY natural beauty. So, if the lighting and the angle isn't right, it's not getting posted because I know I won't get as many likes as I would like. Sounds superficial but its the reality of the situation. So, during the past couple 6 months or so, I have started to see myself in a different light. I haven't been as willing to try to obtain the perfect twist out or braid out, but just to rock my hair as it is. And allow it to do what it is going to do. For the first time, let my beauty be the forefront. Not my face, not my hair but what Amber has to offer.  Letting what's on the inside shine through, therefore making ME beautiful.

As I start my Loc journey, I am looking forward to the new perspective this will bring to my life. The new lessons that are in store for me and of course taking all of you on the journey with me. I hope that you enjoyed this and I look forward to talking to you all in the next post!