Are you what you post?

I asked myself this question as I was reading some of my previous  posts on Instagram. Am I what I post? Really? Truth is, as I've stated previously, as I am encouraging others, I am encouraging myself. There is nothing wrong with coaching yourself. There is nothing wrong with needing encouragement and guidance.

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I used to be afraid to admit when there was something wrong or going on with me. But there is no way that I can help anyone evolve and transition, if on the outside I am putting on as if, things are always perfect. That IS NOT the case. I go through things just like anyone else, but how the situation is handled makes all the difference.

There's a motto that says, "Never let them see you sweat!" But why?  Why would I ever do that to people? That is not life, that is no where near reality. I am doing myself and others a disservice by trying to paint a pretty, perfect picture.

Now, there is a different between being transparent and simply having zero couth. I am in the business of being transparent with my life and how I deal with things, with the sole purpose of helping other. I, in turn make sure my social media presence supports that mission.

What I mean by that is, if it resonates with me, I post it, if it doesn't, I don't. I never want to just post things, just to post them. Not only does that not help me, it doesn't help anyone else. Even when I am going through the not so happy moments in my life, I still like to make sure that people know that, it is okay to not have happy days and YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

I get approached often by those, who state they appreciate my positivity. Although that is part of the goal, I also want to make sure that those that appreciate it, are also becoming comfortable enough to not be afraid to speak up when things are going on in their lives. Whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable. I want those I come in contact with, including my family, to know that it is okay to talk. It is okay to say they need help and no you will not be judged. Above all, I want to create and safe space for them to feel comfortable enough, to speak out when they need to.

So I leave you with this question, "What does your post, say about you?"

Talk to you soon!