Going through the motions....STRESS AND ANXIETY

Hello again!

Another subject that people don't like to talk about is ANXIETY AND STRESS. Many people experience it yet, so few people know how to handle it. For me, I still deal with it, and am coping.


I can't sit here and say that on a day to day basis I don't experience stress and anxiety, because, that would be a lie and that's just not something I am here to do. My day to day life never stops, literally. No, I'm not complaining because I am blessed to not only be where I am, but to be a wife and a mother.  I take none of that for granted. But raising children, being a wife and still finding time for yourself is something that is easier said than done. If you aren't going through it, you will never know how someone feels, which can be said for a lot that we got through. One thing that I have learned to do in the middle of raising my children is take a second and breathe. I know it sounds so simple, but you'd be surprised at just how many people do not know how to breathe. It wasn't until I started to practice Yoga that I realized how important it was to focus on your breathing. The act of simply taking in a deep cleansing breath, exhaling and  releasing whatever it is that is stressing you out or causing you to be anxious; mind-blowing.  Needless to say I do A LOT of breathing. Dealing with a opinionated 7 year old, an indecisive 2 year old and a newborn is enough to drive anyone crazy. But with just one deep breath, I seem to find a way to deal with it all; gather my thoughts and move forward. When you're helping with homework, rocking your 3 month old to sleep while the 2 year old is running around screaming, just breathe. Then later on you laugh! LOL! I think of how far I have come as person and how blessed I am to be in this moment, and a state of calm comes over my body, and suddenly, I'm dancing on clouds again.

Some tips I could give anyone who is dealing with stress is to first ask yourself is it worth sourcing so much energy into? Will stressing or becoming anxious solve the issue? Is it out of my control? I don't care what anyone says there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself! I DO THIS ALOT!

I found that once I changed my eating, started to exercise and practice yoga, I'm having less and less of those panic attack moments and seeing red moments and I'm a better person for it.

I hope this helps someone and no matter the severity of your stress or anxiety, please talk to someone! There is nothing worse than going through something and holding it in! 

Thank you for taking a few moments with me! Until next time...

May Peace. Find You. Always XOXO