Life Update-Pregnancy and Hair!

Hello All!


The last time we spoke I was telling you all about how we are expecting another child! Now, the countdown begins. I only have 7 weeks and 1 day until we get to meet our precious new baby! We are welcoming them with open arms and hope they can handle the crazy family they will be born into!

This last trimester has been harder on me than others but I am super excited to announce that this is the first pregnancy that I do not have to deal with gestational diabetes! What a relief?! Avoiding temptations when it comes to eating is not something I have been shying away from, I will be honest! So even though I do follow a plant based diet, I still had my worries! I am right on target with my weight and baby is growing normally; so despite the few pains I have here and there, things are going great!

What else is going on in my life? Well, I am taking a break from school right now, I do plan to continue classes after delivery. But running form work to campus and keeping up with a 7 year old and a 2 year old was taking a toll on this mama! But, I still have the motivation to achieve my goals, that is still the plan, just may take a little longer that I had planned. The second change I've made since we last spoke is I cut my hair! You read that right, I cut my hair. I've been asked what made me do it, well it was a combination of wanting to do a 2nd big chop and wanting a change. I loved my long hair but it had no life to it. I wanted something different. I will post some pictures so you guys can see the changes I've made. Needless to say I am happy with the results and can't wait to play in my hair! LOL!

Other than that I have been living my life. Some would say I've been nesting; every chance I get I'm throwing something out to make room for the new baby. Who knew 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog could accumulate so much stuff?! But we have. Things are coming together and I am looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead, being a mommy of 3! OMGEEE!


Once again, thank you guys for taking the time to let me share my life with you!


May Peace Find You Always! XOXO!