Pregnancy- Veg vs Non-Veg




Hello all, 

It's been a long time coming but we are finally here....POST-PARTUM! I have been waiting 39 weeks for this moment! LOL! I cannot believe I am a mom of 3 young men. What ride this is going to be. Most frequently asked question is: "How are you feeling?" The 1 million dollar answer is...TIRED. I am definitely still adjusting but I feel like I am doing well, if I do say so myself. 


The reason I wanted to sit down and write this post is to update you all on the differences I experienced being vegan while pregnant versus not being vegan with my previous children. There was a dramatic difference between this pregnancy and the others. Starting from the beginning, I did still experience morning sickness, that unfortunately did not change. What did change was my level of energy during the majority of my pregnancy and the negative side effects. I had so much more energy during the pregnancy than the others its amazing. I was able to keep up with my super energized 7 year old AND my rambunctious 2 year old. The next difference was the fact that I did not have to deal with gestational diabetes this time around. What a relief! I nearly jumped for joy when the nurse called me with the results. I didn't have the severe edema that I usually have to deal with and up until the last few weeks I didn't have much change as far as skin either. I honestly felt good. As with all pregnancies once you near the end you start to get miserable ad uncomfortable, that aspect was the same but overall this pregnancy was much better than the last two. I am so glad that 2 years ago I decided to go vegan making this journey so much more manageable for myself and my baby. 

The last thing that I've noticed that has been drastically different is my healing time. After the last 2 deliveries I struggled with healing and extreme pain. I am pretty sure I can attribute that to God of course but also my diet and lifestyle. I was up and around  on the same day that I delivered. (For those who don't know I have had cesarean deliveries for all my births.) I am so relieved and thankful for not having the excruciating pain that I normally have. 

Now it's time to adjust to life with 3 boys. I've heard its lots of fun, not sure if people were being sarcastic or really telling the truth. We shall soon find out. 

Until next time, kisses and hugs! XOXO