Hello Friends!


I am back again with another blog post! I am so sorry I skipped a week but as you all know when the holidays come around, there is little time for anything. But time management is one of my things I'm working on so I will get better! Anyway, the reason your here is not for that but because about 2 weeks ago, I CUT MY HAIR! Can you believe it?! I actually did it! I know you're like what?! No way! Okay, okay, I didn't cut it in a sense of a style, but, I got my ends trimmed! This was still a stand still an accomplishment for me! I haven't had scissors in my hair for over a year! I was loooooong overdue for a trim and it showed! Once you get along in your hair journey you will start to get to know your hair and you can literally feel that you need a trim before it shows in your hair styles. My ends as well as the rest of the shaft was not happy with me and I apologize sincerely for neglecting them. It wasn't that I didn't want to but it was the issue that I brought up a my previous post about people being scissor happy and wanting my hair to be flat ironed in order to trim my ends. But now that I got those dead scraggly ends off my hair can flourish! I can tell when I am detangling that my hair is happy with me again! My regimen was SUPPOSED to be every 6 months, but that didn't happen. Needless to say I got it done and I am encouraging you all out there to take care of your ends please ladies and gentlemen!! Please feel free to share in the comments and let me know what your regimen is for trimming your hair, or do you even trim at all! Talk to you soon! May Peace Find You Always! XOXO