November 30, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post! I promise to not leave you guys for that long again. Things have been SO busy in my life that I definitely need to find a balance. I'm working on it, but not moving quickly enough! Anyway, what prompted this post is to update you guys on some things I've been working on with myself. The first thing I've been trying to get better at is time management. Often times, and I'll speak from a woman's point of view, we try to do everything ALL at once. I mean everything! What ends up happening? Everything is not done to it's full potential, which leaves a crazy person running around, waving their arms, for no reason. So I've started to make checklists for myself, granted it's not written down BUT, it is in my head, I just have to transfer it to paper. I think of all the things I have to do for that day and make an effort to get them done, if I don't get to it, well, it has to wait until the next day . This has helped reduce stress and eliminate the moments where I'm trying to feed one child, bathe the other, let the dog out and wash dishes all at the same time. Crazy right? I know. The next thing I've been working on is my eating habits and exercise regimen, this is actually something you can start outside of the first of the year! LOL! I work out usually 3-5 times a week, including Yoga, which is a MUST for me. Anyway, my eating habits have not been all that great. Yes being a Vegan you can eat like crap too. It is possible. So I have improved my diet, eating more whole fruits and vegetables, eliminating processed foods as I go. I still don't deprive myself because I think that's totally unreasonable but, I make sure it's not a daily habit. Exercising consists of cardio at least 3 days a week, strength 1 day, abs 1 day and then my weekly Yoga practice. So far so good and I feel great! Lastly, what I've been slacking on has been my hair! Yikes! I know it sounds bad, like how are you going to have a blog about hair not fully take care of your own, not intentional I can assure you. I still wash and deep condition on the regular, its the trimming that I slack on. But in my defense, it's not my fault! You know how many people do hair in Columbus, Ohio but don't cut natural hair? I was amazed. I can find anyone to braid my hair, color and straighten. But for a trim, I've narrowed it down to like 2 people, excluding the ones that require it to be silky straight to trim. Nothing against straight natural hair, I just don't prefer it. I will blow my hair out, but I'm not at the point in my natural hair journey where I'm ready for my hair to be straight. So those are my 3 things I've been working on. What are some things you are working on to improve about yourself or making your life easier? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading and as always May Peace Find You Always! XOXO